San Jose Water (SJW) is upgrading what is commonly known as Belgatos Reservoir Station located on SJW property adjacent to the Southwest corner of Belgatos Park in the Town of Los Gatos.  The project includes the replacement of two earthen embankment reservoirs that were originally constructed in 1956 and have a storage capacity of 9.5 million gallons.  The existing earthen reservoirs have reached the end of their useful life and in recent years have sustained roof damage due to strong winds and heavy storms during the rainy season.  The existing reservoirs were taken offline in 2017 in preparation for the capital improvement project at the station.  The existing reservoirs are being replaced with two 2.37 million gallon post-tensioned concrete tanks that will be partially buried when the project is complete.  These potable water storage tanks will serve the surrounding community for generations to come.

A traffic control plan has been developed and implemented by the general contractor to ensure that pedestrians, bikers and equestrians will have full access to the trail systems through and adjacent to the park.  The paved access road through Belgatos Park that leads up to the reservoir site will be fenced off and closed to the public throughout the duration of the project.  There are designated paths of travel that must be adhered to for access to the trailheads and ingress and egress adjacent to the project site. See trail map below.

The reservoir replacement project is not expected to have a significant visual impact on the surrounding park or community, but you may notice an increase in truck traffic through the neighborhood and park access road leading to the site.  Residents may also notice some additional noise related to the use of equipment necessary to demolish the existing reservoirs, move large quantities of earth, and construct two large concrete water storage tanks.

This project is important and necessary to improve system reliability, enhance firefighting capabilities, and consistently provide a high quality and reliable water supply to the surrounding community.  The public’s support and cooperation are important to SJW, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards completion of this project.  The investments in your community are part of our commitment to put your rates to work for you, upgrading and improving the water infrastructure to ensure a reliable water future for all of us. The SJW Belgatos Tanks Project embodies our commitment to the public to improve water distribution infrastructure in your community with a total capital improvements project cost of $28.5 million dollars.

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